We don’t just build wealth.


We invest in

commercial spaces & opportunity zones.

We build

resilient, sustainable & enduring communities.

Who we are

Bauen Capital is a commercial real-estate firm that invests in and builds impactful spaces. We believe good urban design requires balance to produce a thriving local community and sense of place; so we focus on business tenants, startups, retail and opportunity zones.
Our team is authentic, deliberate and patient; combining four decades of multi-generational expertise in commercial real estate investing.

We invest simply, with reason, enabled by precision. But it’s our entrepreneurial spirit that highlights the stark contrast to typical institutional investors. And our proven investment thesis consistently outperforms the market.


Legacy is about life and living.
It’s about learning from the past, living in the present, and building for the future.
It means living with integrity and courage.

Our vision is to create commercial spaces that are enduring and sustainable.
We don’t just build wealth. We build lasting impact for generations.
For our investors. Their families. And every community we touch.

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